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Jerry Gores Speed Camp
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Little Things

“Do the Little Things and The BIG things take care of themselves”

  1. Positive Attitude (You control your attitude and outlook on life).
  2. Effort (Be consistent, hard-work does pay off in Athletics).  
  3. Preparation / Prevention (Stretching, warming up, and cooling down).
  4. ABBY’s (Working on your core).
  5. Strength / Elastic strength(But, remember you aren’t a power lifter).
  6. Healthy Lifestyle (Hydration, fruits, veggie’s) Don’t put poisons into your body! Drugs, alcohol, tobacco …..”Your Body is your Temple” 1 Corinthians 6.
  7. Sleep (Make it a part of your training, rest is one of the most important aspects).
  8. Be a good person and a better teammate, it comes back to  you 10X.
  9. Listen to your Coaches, Teachers, and Parents, they are here to help you!
  10. Praise the Lord for giving you the gift of Athletics and the will to compete.

“The Benefits of doing the Little things the right way and what you will GAIN”

  1. Self-Discipline
  2. Work Ethic
  3. Character/How to handle Glory and Defeat / Living above the line
  4. Accountability to yourself and your teammates
  5. Time Management skills
  6. How to say NO to negative behaviors and temptations that you will be approached with, God will be there for you!
  7. Confidence that you did your best and prepared to be the best Teammate, Friend, and person that you can be!
  8. This week’s workouts are the foundation for next week, next month, and next year (Just Like life)
  9. Athletic High (The feeling you get after a good work out or competition) -Endorphins-
  10. Courage (It takes courage to put yourself out there for people to  judge your efforts in competition.