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Jerry Gores Speed Camp
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All drills are designed in a teaching sequence to trigger faster muscle memory, which in turn enhances the desired technique and movement pattern required to perform at maximum intensity.

  1. Basic Form Running Drill to Advanced form running drills.
  2. Reaction Drills to enhance quickness.
  3. Agility and quickness drills and patterns that help the athlete with overall athleticism.
  4. Acceleration Drills.
  5. Learning the skill of running fast.
  6. The ability to reach maximin velocity in running.
  7. Learning the art of maintaining maximin speed.
  8. Putting it all together in competition.

Note: Maximizing and maintaining speed and quickness is body control:

“The great athletes of all sports make it look easy and natural! Why? They have learned to move in a relaxed manner vs. an over trying manner. Or maybe a better way to state it, would be say they are fighting their body under distress of performing well.”

The methodology used is a science based approach that has been proven by success time after time and in all sports.

Good Luck, and remember to be fast and play fast!

Jerry Gores Speed Coach
“The view is better from the front.”